The patent

CLIMABALANCE® functions similar to a natural air conditioning system. The innovative climatic zones ensure a constant, pleasant climate under the duvet to support qualitysleep.

The CLIMABALANCE® function

The idea is simple, the function ingenious: With CLIMABALANCE®  you do not perspire, as the excess warmth and moisture is transported away. Simultaneously, the air insulation in the climatic zones keep you warm and cosy. Your sleep is more peaceful and significantly more regenerative.

The patented function of CLIMABALANCE®

All body functions slow down whilst sleeping. Only the skin perspiration and respiration functions speed up. Therefore, the sleeping environment under your duvet ist he most important criteria for good-quality sleep. The internationally-patented CLIMABALANCE® technology keeps you dry and warm without the accumulation of moisture or heat. The CLIMABALANCE® climate zones always provide a dry sleeping climate at a pleasant temperature.

This, according to a scientific investigation by Prof. Dr.Dr. Jürgen Zulley at the University of Regensburg, has he following effect:

  • Falling asleep quickly
  • Deep, calm sleep
  • Fewer phases of being awake
  • Verifiably more sleep
  • An up to 50% longer deep sleep phase
  • A longer REM phase

In this way, the CLIMABALANCE® technology supports the immune system, and increases well-being and vitality.

A quieter, deeper sleep scientifically confirmed

The high-quality relaxing sleep you get with CLIMABALANCE® has been scientifically proven through a study where participants were monitored under controlled conditions at Regensburg University Hospital during  their sleep – both with and without CLIMABALANCE®.

With a conventional duvet

Measuring sensors were used to record and document brain waves, body activity and eye movements. A video camera recorded the rhythm of each subject’s sleep.

With a CLIMABALANCE® duvet

Study: Effects of passive changes to the bed climate on sleep conducted by:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Zulley, University of Regensburg

September 2009, Sleep Centre, Clinic and Polyclinic for Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy of the University at the Regensburg District Hospital

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Such good sleep – is like a dream come true.

And the globally unique CLIMABALANCE® technology is exclusively available at Kauffmann.